FEARless 251 Sleep Sack

FEARless 251 Sleep Sack


This is a MUST HAVE for any competitor!!  No more high fees for spreading your tan on to the hotel sheets...this is a comfortable and practical solution for your hotel rest while competing.  Whitney's FEARless logo is added in white vinyl to remind you just before you close your eyes that you are just that...FEARless!  Available in many beautiful colors - Teal, Rose, Purple, light pink, lavender, aqua, mint, hot pink (*PLEASE NOTE HOT PINK ONLY MEASURES 41” ACROSS), and grey-blue (more of a dark lavender-esque color).

  • Generous Space: The liner is 82.7 X 45 inch (115cm X 210cm) which gives even tall people space to move around and stretch out the legs. ***HOT PINK IS 41” wide)

  • Good Design: The liner has a 39inch (100cm) opening on one side to make it easy for you to get into.

  • Premium Fabric: The travel sheet is made of 100% Polyester with a silky texture which makes it very soft and comfortable against your skin.

  • Easy to Carry: Only 20oz (573g), incomparable lightweight and compact. Despite its generous size the sleeping bag liner can be folded into a practical 21x21cm (8.3x8.3") pocket when not in use. Easy to carry and saves space in your travel case.

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