BT108 Winter Sunrise

BT108 Winter Sunrise


Beautiful Winter Sunrise. Hand painted with dyed epoxy.

18/8 Stainless Steel

  • Keeps your drink hot OR cold for hours

  • Double wall vacuum insulated

  • Sweat proof

Can be personalized with name by choosing YES to personalization at checkout. You will be contacted after your order is placed to complete the process. Please contact us with questions prior to placing an order. Typically ships in 7-10 days.

Each tumbler is all hand painted - and overall handmade - so there is a possibility of tiny “flaws” due to the nature of the process involved to create them. This in no way will affect the function or beauty of the tumblers, but know that this is not manufactured by machine to “perfection”. I will do my very best to duplicate designs but yours will be completely unique!  Enjoy!!

Hand wash only.  Do not soak. Do not drop.  The epoxy is extremely durable, scratch resistant and can withstand 500 degree heat, but if dropped it could crack or chip.

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